Saturday is the New Friday

What the fuck is up, friends? It’s a lovely damp warm day here in Airport City, n’est pas? You might be thinking to yourself, well, lucky me, it’s Friday. I can get my laugh on at the Bagdad tonight, or at Fly Ass Jokes at the Brody, or many other places as well. And you would only be a little bit right, in the “many other places” part. Because this week both Portland’s weekly Friday stand-up showcases are moving to Saturday.

Why? Something in the ether, maybe because Mercury is in retrograde. Maybe because on this day in 1859 Joshua A. Norton declared himself “Emperor Norton I” of the United States, and hosts Tristian Spillman and Ian Karmel have the due amount of respect for His Imperial Majesty to defer their comedy shows and allow everyone the chance to celebrate the holiday today in their own way, with family and friends.

Whatever the reason, The Fly Ass Comedy Showcase will feature Sean Jordan, Shane Torres, Nathan Brannon, and Richard Bain, showtime at at 8pm, costing just $10. Comedy Night at the Bagdad will feature Marcia Belsky, Carmen Trineece, Whitney Streed (me), Timmy Williams, Don Frost, all for $5 starting at 10pm. See you there or in hell, friends!

Comedy in Session at Tanker Bar 6/10/10

Hey comedy cats and bats and rats and hats and Pats! Check out the word on comedy tonight on Hawthorne from cool dude Ben Varley:

Comedy In Session at the Tanker in Portland. A fantastically free show featuring Tim Hammer, Anthony Lopez, James O’Neil, Whitney Streed, Boomer, Jessie McCoy, and the immortal Ron Funches. Hosted by the mortal Ben Varley. After the show head next door to Mt Tabor for the Open Mic in the lounge [Editor’s edit: hosted by me Whitney Streed!]. Sponsored by Full Sail/Session. Drink special soon to be announced. Be there, and Laugh….damn you. Just announced!!!! $2 Sessions! Drink up!

The Tanker Bar is on the corner of 48th and Hawthorne and is an awesome place to eat, drink and be merry. Super free and super fun, comrades. Still not convinced? Just look at how goddamned funny Ron Funches is. See you tonight!

PDX Comedy Podcast rolls on, this time with your own Whitney Streed!

Hey everyone! Wanna know what happened to Whitney when she went crazy? I’ve got the first person account from your blog host yourself! It was an epic journey, and an amazing time had by all! Join Kyle Harbert, Dennis Williamns, and me, Cody Smith, as we delve into the secrets of manic behavior, Portland police, dancing in attics, and good times at the Looney Bin! You’re definitely not going to miss this episode, or any other for that matter. Check out the action here.

And stay tuned for next week, when we’ll be joined by Lonnie Bruhn and Jon Green to talk about the Portland Amateur Comedy Contest!