David Alan Grier at the Bagdad 5/17/13

David-Alan-Grier-1You might not know this, but you love David Alan Grier. Maybe it’s his energy and material, which is sharp, spontaneous and yet is distinctly one man’s voice. It might be his work ethic you admire, which after nearly three decades is strong as ever and shows no signs of slowing. It could be for his range as a performer, seeing as how he’s won awards for his work (both comedic and dramatic) in theater, on screen and as a writer and producer. No matter why, this Friday, May 17th, is a chance for you to let that love have an outlet and see the man some call DAG perform at McMenamins’ Bagdad Theater with host Tristan Spillman.

Spillman has been hosting Bagdad’s monthly comedy night for several years now, helping to produce literally hundreds of shows. An accomplished comedian and a respected figure in Portland’s comedy scene, his material ranges from the wacky to the mundane, and is delivered with a honed precision and such earnest heart that you can’t help but follow him down any path of whimsy he may guide. Not content to just be a stand up, he also produces a zine, which features local writers and artists, with each of his shows and has appeared in a number of internet clips.

The real amazing about each of these performers is that they’re great human beings as well amazing comedians. Tristan has used his position as the host of one of the premier venues in town to give a chance for the raising stars of Portland to find a launching pad for their careers. Locals legends like Ron Funches, Ian Karmel and even current reigning Portland’s Funniest Person Champion Nathan Brannon have all found themselves on the Bagdad’s stage, performing for crowds larger than they might of found before, in part from Spillman’s efforts. Brannon, who has opened for Grier (at a previous out of state show), said of him “He’s real personable. You would think, being famous for so long, he would be tired of talking to so many people, but he was very open. A great guy.”

So clear up your Friday, and catch a show I promise you’ll love. The doors open at 8, the show starts at 9 and tickets are only $25. As it’s a McMenamins location, there is food and drinks available for purchase, but it is a 21 and over event. For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit the Bagdad’s site at http://www.mcmenamins.com/events/111943-David-Alan-Grier?mobok=y.

Saturday is the New Friday

What the fuck is up, friends? It’s a lovely damp warm day here in Airport City, n’est pas? You might be thinking to yourself, well, lucky me, it’s Friday. I can get my laugh on at the Bagdad tonight, or at Fly Ass Jokes at the Brody, or many other places as well. And you would only be a little bit right, in the “many other places” part. Because this week both Portland’s weekly Friday stand-up showcases are moving to Saturday.

Why? Something in the ether, maybe because Mercury is in retrograde. Maybe because on this day in 1859 Joshua A. Norton declared himself “Emperor Norton I” of the United States, and hosts Tristian Spillman and Ian Karmel have the due amount of respect for His Imperial Majesty to defer their comedy shows and allow everyone the chance to celebrate the holiday today in their own way, with family and friends.

Whatever the reason, The Fly Ass Comedy Showcase will feature Sean Jordan, Shane Torres, Nathan Brannon, and Richard Bain, showtime at at 8pm, costing just $10. Comedy Night at the Bagdad will feature Marcia Belsky, Carmen Trineece, Whitney Streed (me), Timmy Williams, Don Frost, all for $5 starting at 10pm. See you there or in hell, friends!

Comedy Night @ the Bagdad 8/27/10

I’ve just received troubling news, comedy friends: the widespread rumor that there will be two moons visible in the sky tonight is apparently a vicious lie. I know, I’m a little crushed myself.

To console you in this time of great disappointment, I come bearing also some goodness and light: tonight’s showcase at the Bagdad looks like it’s going to be fantastic! Srsly. Phil Schallberger, The Dan Cossette, Tim Hammer, D’Emmanuel, and Virginia Jones! Plus it is hoast Tristian Spillman’s birthday! Much revelry will be had. Show starts at 10pm and is as always still only $5.