Ride the Light at Mudai Lounge 12/28

Less than a week left of 2010, folks, so on Tuesday, catch one of the last rad comedy shows of the year, Ride the Light. Hit up Mudai Lounge (NE 9th and Broadway) at 9pm to see Andrew Dhulst, Dennis Williams, Jimmy Newstetter, and Richard Bain creating joy and laughter right next to some tasty Ethiopian food. Hosted by the lovely and hilarious Timmy Williams. Undoubtedly an awesome show. Czech it out!

Keep Portland Funny AND Comedy is OK 9/29/10!

Snappy Tuesday! Let me ask you, comedy friends, how often are there two awesome showcases on the Same Night in town?? The answer is… rather often, actually, this is a pretty hopping scene right now. But this week two of the most established and awesome showcases are rolling along on Wednesday, so there is no reason for you to not be enjoying some laughter and lightness as September rolls to a close.

Comedy is OK rocks Helium Comedy Club at 8pm with the oh-so-funny Ron Funches, Mark Saltveit, Phil Schallberger, dalas verdugo, and Brock Fansler, with your effervescent hosts Mikey Kampmann and Andrew Michaan. [EDIT: Also apparently Andy Haynes will be there, hot off the presses from a set on Jimmy Fallon!] Also there will be fake porn, or so I hear. Very good times!

Keep Portland Funny destroys the Knife Shop at Kelly’s Olympian at 9pm. Lovable host Dennis Williams brings a whizbang cast of characters to the stage, including Christen Manville, Timmy Williams, Andy Wood, and in a rather impressive feat Andrew Michaan again! Very good times as well. See you there or there or another there!

Saturday is the New Friday

What the fuck is up, friends? It’s a lovely damp warm day here in Airport City, n’est pas? You might be thinking to yourself, well, lucky me, it’s Friday. I can get my laugh on at the Bagdad tonight, or at Fly Ass Jokes at the Brody, or many other places as well. And you would only be a little bit right, in the “many other places” part. Because this week both Portland’s weekly Friday stand-up showcases are moving to Saturday.

Why? Something in the ether, maybe because Mercury is in retrograde. Maybe because on this day in 1859 Joshua A. Norton declared himself “Emperor Norton I” of the United States, and hosts Tristian Spillman and Ian Karmel have the due amount of respect for His Imperial Majesty to defer their comedy shows and allow everyone the chance to celebrate the holiday today in their own way, with family and friends.

Whatever the reason, The Fly Ass Comedy Showcase will feature Sean Jordan, Shane Torres, Nathan Brannon, and Richard Bain, showtime at at 8pm, costing just $10. Comedy Night at the Bagdad will feature Marcia Belsky, Carmen Trineece, Whitney Streed (me), Timmy Williams, Don Frost, all for $5 starting at 10pm. See you there or in hell, friends!