Comedy Night @ The Bagdad — This Friday and Every Friday, Until the End of Time

If you’re not already enjoying Tristian Spillman’s excellent weekly showcase at the Bagdad on a semi-regular basis, then this poster (and this awesome line-up) should absolutely compel you to do so.


Tim Hammer headlining feels exactly like this.

Comedy Night @ the Bagdad is every Friday, usually at 10pm, always $5.

Alphas of the Betas at Whiskey Bar 10/12

Good morning, comedy kindling! It’s a Tuesday, so you might be thinking that there is nothing but mics mics mics as far as the eye can see. This is because you are in a store that sells music equipment. Sneak out before someone catches you there and get downtown tonight by 9pm. Building off their mildly successful open mic night, Todd Armstrong is bringing his Alphas of the Betas stand-up showcase to the Whiskey Bar at 31 NW 1st St. Tonight catch hilarity by Tim Hammer, Kyle Harbert, Nathan Brannon, and Belinda Carroll, plus Rylee Newton and Jason Helfgott swinging by for some Christopher Guest spots. Good fun and plenty of time to make it to Suki’s afterwards!