A new post for a new day! (from Phil)

Hello to everyone reading this blog. You’re looking good today, aren’t you? Is that perfume I smell? Oh my you shouldn’t have!

I’m sorry I couldn’t whip something up for tonight, I was just feeling a little tired and so I ordered pizza instead. I hope you’ll excuse me for that. Sorry the blog is such a mess, I haven’t had the time to clean it in a while what with all the soap operas I’ve been watching. Yes, I know that’s cat pee on the floor, but little miss Foo Foo goes when and where and who she needs to go. It’s rather easy to accept once you learn to not let the smell or feeling of things bother you. Same reason why the floor is covered with garbage, and the walls are covered in various feces of faces of feces. I know this blog isn’t perfect by most people’s standards, but it has charm.

Regardless, I hope you’ll excuse me. I hope you’ll … Continue reading