Jean Louis and Fit to Print at Curious Comedy All This Month

It’s exhausting making up your life every day as you go along. Why not take a load off and watch some funny people do it in ridiculous funny contrived situations instead? Hit up Curious Comedy Theater any Friday or Saturday night this month for a double dose of high quality improv and sketch comedy: Fit to Print, with improv clipped from the headlines, followed by Jean Louis, the amazing brainchild of Stacey Hallal and Bob Ladewig. Get both for just $12, show starts at 8pm.

Also this weekend is your last chance to catch The Devil and Bill Markham, a dramatic performance of an epic Shel Silverstein poem that was published serially in Playboy. (Hot?) Stick around after the first shows, this one starts at 10pm and you get a discount if you see both. Spiff!

Jean Louis, Nate and Nathan, Gabe Dinger, and also a tasty meal at Curious Comedy 2/13/10

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, despite many of our best efforts. All manner of comedy will celebrate and/or berate this fact this weekend. And with comedy everyone laughs alone and together, so whether you’re attached or single you can have a good time this weekend!

Your first option (and a seriously highly recommended one at that) is to head over to the Curious Comedy Theater on Saturday.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day one day early on Saturday with hilarious improv and stand up. Performers will include improv duos Jean Louis, featuring Curious Comedy founders Stacey Hallal and Bob Ladewig, and Curious Comedy favorites Nate & Nathan plus stand up Gabe Dinger.

This weekend only, we are also offering a dinner and show package for only $25.00 per person. Seating for dinner is between 6:45 and 7:15 p.m., with an 8 p.m. show. Our dinner menu has four courses, with two options for each course, including appetizer, salad, choice of entrée (meat and vegetarian options available) and dessert.

Tickets are $10 presale or $12 at the door, and the dinner packages is $25. Gabe and Nate and Nathan are all hilarious and Jean Louis is simply remarkable, compadres. This is a great option.

“SexyNurd,” “Jean Louis: Tandem” at Curious for Fertile Ground Festival, 1/22/10

As part of the two-week-long Fertile Ground Festival of new art works in Portland, Curious Comedy Theater is debuting two awesome shows tonight! When you get a ticket to Stacey Hallal and Bob Ladewig’s “Jean Louis: Tandem,” you get admission to AuGi’s “SexyNURD” for free. Awesome possum! Check it out anytime this weekend or next.

From the Curious website:

“In Jean Louis’ hilarious and beautiful comedy, Tandem, Stacey Hallal and Bob Ladewig explore the meaning of ‘international language’ through brilliantly crafted sketch comedy – ultimately discovering that two wrongs can make a right… though they often take three lefts to get there.”

This is the kind of brilliant comedy you only hope to see, folks. Stacey and Bob are 100% amazing, whether they’re doing sketch or improv. And then to top it off, SexyNURD sounds like a blast. Described as a “RockStar fantasy supernova,” it is the story of a nerd trying to escape his nowhere home. 80’s prog-rock, hip thrusts and untamed back hair are apparently expected.