New Ladies’ Comedy Festival “All Jane No Dick” accepting submissions!

Listed up, folks with more than one X chromosome! This September there will be a new all-female comedy festival in town, and submissions are open right now.  All Jane No Dick, curated by the awesome Stacey Hallal, will take place Sept. 7-8 at Curious Comedy Theater and all around Northeast Portland. If you are a woman-type person in town who does stand-up, sketch, and/or improv, you are invited to apply. Submissions are open until June 18. To submit your application or for more information, check out the website at

Sock it To Me at Curious Comedy 4/2/10 thru 5/1/10

Hey kidlios! Don’t let the grumpy Portland weather keep you inside. There’s a ton of rad comedy stuff happening this weekend, and you want to see it, don’t you? I knew it! First up: get over to Curious Comedy as soon as you can, because their newest main stage show is opening tonight! “Sock it To Me” is a mod-flavored amalgam of stand-up, sketch, acrobatics, aerial, and dance.

From the Curious website:

Flashback to the ’60s in Curious Comedy’s hilarious new sketch comedy variety show! In this mod-era free-spirited romp, the Curious Comedy ensemble pays tribute to comedy classics like Laugh-In and The Dean Martin Show with our unique twist, including aerial artistry, acrobatics and much lampooning of the news of our city and the world today.

This show sounds awesome and has a killer cast, including Curious Comedy wizards Stacey Hallal and Bob Ladewig, local stand-up heroes Virginia Jones and Gabe Dinger, Famous Mysterious Actor Show‘s Wally Fessler and Josh Fisher, Curious staples Scott Rogers and Katie Behrens, as well as awesome performers Daniela Steiner, Kyoko Uchida, Stephanie Seaman and Stephanie Cordell. It will run every Friday and Saturday this month at 8pm. Tickets are a mere $12, mortals, or $10 if you are crafty enough to buy them in advance. Gett your Laff In!

Fit to Print plus Nate & Nathan and Dopamine at Curious Comedy 3/26/10

Ok guys, do you know how awesome Stacey is? I just typed in the words 'birthday cake stacey' into Google to try to find a cake with that name on it, and this image of OUR ACTUAL STACEY came up on the FIRST PAGE of the image search results. Do you know how many Staceys and birthdays there are out there, people? Epic internet win!! Happy birthday Stacey!!

Comedy spreading out all over town, like some kind of awesome laughing gas fingers that are not creepy but happy like cotton candy (but not gross and sticky, not usually at least)! If you’re up in the north part of town or in the mood for some awesome improv, then head out to Curious Comedy tonight. Not only can you catch Fit to Print — improv ripped, literally RIPPED, from the headlines — but you also get the exciting fast-paced hilarity of Nate & Nathan and special guest Dopamine (which I am assuming is another performer and not a special one-night-only menu item). PLUS! Tonight it’s Curious goddess Stacey Hallal’s birthday! Much merriment will undoubtedly be had by all! This is your last weekend to catch Fit to Print before the new spring show opens, so if you haven’t enjoyed it yet, catch it tonight or tomorrow starting at 8pm!