SHelium! Women’s Showcase at Helium 12/1

Everyone knows that women are naturally funny in a way that men simply are not. Men do not synthesize the hormones necessary for understanding and creating jokes naturally, and must work extremely hard to develop their senses of humor. It’s a basic fact of genetics, one that men have struggled against for years. Some have even risen above it, with years of hard work and hormone supplements.

The comedy clubs in town have done their part in encouraging the fight against humorlessness in men by engaging in an Affirmative Action-type program that gives strong priority to men, one common in many venues around the country. This cause is good and noble, and has helped countless men find their way into comedy. But sometimes we can loosen the reigns a little bit and let the women come out and play.

So if you are ready for comedy with high levels of both estrogen and hilarity, head to Helium Comedy Club this Wednesday night (December 1) at 8pm to catch an all-Portland showcase of some of the funniest ladies in town. SHelium! features Belinda Carroll, Lisa Myers, Veronica Heath, Marcia Belsky, Holli Pappan, and Carmen Trineece, and will be hosted glamorously by Rissa Riss. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased on the website or by calling the club.