Saturday is the New Friday

What the fuck is up, friends? It’s a lovely damp warm day here in Airport City, n’est pas? You might be thinking to yourself, well, lucky me, it’s Friday. I can get my laugh on at the Bagdad tonight, or at Fly Ass Jokes at the Brody, or many other places as well. And you would only be a little bit right, in the “many other places” part. Because this week both Portland’s weekly Friday stand-up showcases are moving to Saturday.

Why? Something in the ether, maybe because Mercury is in retrograde. Maybe because on this day in 1859 Joshua A. Norton declared himself “Emperor Norton I” of the United States, and hosts Tristian Spillman and Ian Karmel have the due amount of respect for His Imperial Majesty to defer their comedy shows and allow everyone the chance to celebrate the holiday today in their own way, with family and friends.

Whatever the reason, The Fly Ass Comedy Showcase will feature Sean Jordan, Shane Torres, Nathan Brannon, and Richard Bain, showtime at at 8pm, costing just $10. Comedy Night at the Bagdad will feature Marcia Belsky, Carmen Trineece, Whitney Streed (me), Timmy Williams, Don Frost, all for $5 starting at 10pm. See you there or in hell, friends!

Upcoming Events from KPF Productions

Hey everyone!  Lots of shows going on this month, come check ’em out!

-Laughs Mark the Spot-

The Mark Restaurant and Bar at the Shilo Inn

9900 SW Canyon Road  Portland Or, 97225

Saturday–July 31st–9pm–21+ bar–free show

This is the first of many shows that I will be throwing at this location.  You can see a show here every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.   The show will be held at the downstairs bar, to the left of the front desk.  Happy hour drinks and food are available during the show.  Oh, and did I mention, IT’S FREE!!  Performing will be a few of the local favorites around town.

Kyle Harbert:  A talented jerk about town, this comedian will make you think, cringe, laugh, and feel bad for laughing at the same time.

Cody Smith:  King of the blather and finalist in the Portland Amateur Comedy Competition.  Make sure and yell stuff at him while he performs, he will yell stuff back.

Anthony Lopez:  Also a finalist in the Portland Amateur Comedy Competition, this young comedian has made a big splash in the scene in very little time.

Hosted by Dennis Williams:  Local Comedian and Producer of shows, he is a very handsome, talented, muscular, intelligent, funny, and modest individual.  (I love writing my own blurbs)

Night of Laughs at the Tiger Bar

Comedy Show August 18th

317 NW Broadway, Downtown Portland

Wednesday–August 18th–9pm–21+ bar–$5 door

Night of Laughs runs every 3rd Wednesday of the Month.  Located in the NW side of Broadway between Everett and Flanders, this is a fun bar.  Comedy, cheap drinks and gorgeous bartenders, what more could you ask for?  Great mix of comedians performing tonight:

Cody Cooper:  Performer in the 2009 and 2010 Bridgetown Comedy Festival, this comedian will be coming up from Corvallis for this show.  He is a local favorite and can be seen performing at many other venues.

Tim Hammer:  Finalist in the Portland Amateur Comedy Competition, Hammer has the coolest last name ever.

Agnospel Choir:  Jo Hyatt and Josh McGuirk make up the two part comedy/musical team that is the Agnospel Choir.  Come and let them serenade your soul away from god’s bright and uncomfortable light.

Dennis Williams:  Yep, I’m hosting again.  Laugh at me.  It gives me strength.

–Keep Portland Funny Anniversary Show–

The Knife Shop @ Kelly’s Olympian

426 SW Washington St, Downtown Portland

Saturday–August 21st–9pm–$5–21+ venue

I started Keep Portland Funny in August 2009 and am so excited that people continued to come to the show throughout the year.  Since it’s inception, KPF has had some of the most talented comedians in the NW perform and has entertained hundreds of people over the year.  I have gathered the comedians who helped make the first show such a success (minus Don Frost, who will be headlining there again soon).

Kyle Harbert: Scathing political humor, dick jokes, scathing political dick jokes, what else could you ask for in a comedian?  Kyle Harbert has been entertaining and offending crowds in the Portland Area for 4 years now and has developed a following of people who want to beat him up, if they could just stop laughing.

Cody Smith: Finalist in the Portland Amateur Comedy Competition and anchor of many Hell Gigs, this man always leaves the audience wanting more.

Shane Torres: Performer in both 2009 and 2010 Bridgetown Comedy Festivals, this funny man can also be seen in many other showcases around town.  He is funny, but if you make him angry, he gets funnier.

Whitney Streed: Comedian and Producer of shows, she has been on Bridgetown 2009 and produced a comedy/burlesque show (Naked Lobster Comedy) for the 2010 Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

Dennis Williams: Hosting Keep Portland Funny for a year straight and hoping to host it for another.

Well folks, that’s it for now.  Look for another show at the Mark Restaurant Bar at the Shilo Inn on August 14th as well.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at the shows.

Dennis Williams

Comedy Laughganza at Local Lounge 5/18/10

And if you’re thinking about what to do for your comedy intake tonight and want a breather from all this heady competition, wander with all deliberate speed to Local Lounge up on 3436 NE MLK. Comedy maven Belinda Carroll has a seriously great show lined up and needs nothing but willing audience members to make it a great night. Here’s the deets*!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
8:00pm – 11:00pm

Are you feeling the winter blahs?

If you sit on the couch one more minute will you permanently adhere to the upholstery?

Do you want to commingle with REAL people?

Join comics Belinda Carroll, Marcia Belsky, Shane Torres, Jimmy Newstetter, and host Sterling Clark in a show that will make your face hurt from the use of neglected facial muscles.

We can’t make you rich, we can’t make you tan, we can’t even make you a cheeseburger, but we can make you laugh.

*Yes I said deets! I have no shame in abbreviations! Or in long-winded defenses thereof! None whatsoever, Coalhouse.