CHAD Chats [Fake TED Talks] at the Saratoga next Thursday 11/10!

You know about TED Talks, right? They are exciting and fascinating presentations from brilliant experts about important science discoveries and ideas of our time. They reach a global audience and contribute the spread of knowledge.

CHAD Chats are no different, except that they are presented by comedians about subjects in which they have very little formal training. And they happen in a bar. And they are hilarious.

Next Thursday, Nov. 10, catch Famous Author Mykle Hansen and local performers Dax Jordan, Virginia Jones, Christian Ricketts, and Reuben Nisenfeld speaking satirically and at length about Really Important Ideas. I will be facilitating the affair. Topics will include Ending Poverty through Facebook Statuses, Cats, Abraham Lincoln’s pants, Brain Chemistry, Everything, Nothing, and Carl Sagan.

Presentations begin promptly at 8pm on Thursday November 10th at THE SARATOGA BAR, 6910 N. Interstate. Full bar and menu. The bar’s monthly X-rated open-mic comedy (the Smutty Clown! which I also host alongside Sterling Clark) will follow. Good times will abound!

Because a word is worth 1/1000th of a picture.