Full Lineup For PSICKASS Announced

The full lineup of genius problem solvers and musical virtuosos for the June 9th PSICKASS Event at Beauty Bar has been announced. A Mental State Department press agent spoke this morning from a podium, high atop MSD headquarters in Langley, VA, delivering the details in an address to thousands of desperate morons gathered below.

“Headlining the event is comedian Danny Norton. He’s known throughout the world as a dandy genius, and is sure to make everything right in the world. The musical guest for the evening is Iretsu, whose funky, soulful pop-rock will soothe the audience into blissful relaxation, possibly even causing spontaneous dancing to erupt. In addition, previously announced guests Whitney Streed and Phil Schallberger, both of whom are brilliant and clever public speakers, are going to be assisting Danny Norton in solving the problems of everyone who attends.”

The announcement was met with indifference, drooling and some fighting among the unintelligent masses in the crowd. The PSICKASS unveiling is not open to the poorly-educated, but MSD announcements are often delivered to anyone who camps on the lawn of headquarters.

Mental State Department scientists have been crafting a simple yet effective system intended to solve all problems. Dubbed “PSICKASS,” Problem Solving Initiative – Creating + Kindly Announcing Silly Solutions, the system has been mysteriously short on public details until recently, when an anonymous source at MSD revealed the date and time the MSD intend to make PSICKASS public.

The PSICKASS unveiling is scheduled at 8pm on June 9th at the Beauty Bar at SW 1st and Ash. The program is intended to solve all problems, and is free for anyone (age 21+) to attend. Mental State Department guidelines insist that no one who attends this event be stupid, dumb, or stupid-dumb.

After this morning’s announcement, MSD distributed the following flyer, intended to promote the show:

Questions? Comments? Please contact MSD directly at mentalstatecomedy at gmail dot com

– Shawn Gray-Fleek

American: The Bill Hicks Story at Hollywood Theater This Weekend

Happy Thursday, comedy fans. Did you know that Bridgetown is in a week?! But that is not why we are here today, because there are more awesome comedy-based events happening before then.


The new documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story is showing at the Hollywood Theater starting tomorrow and running through Thursday. The movie looks very cool and is full of never-before-seen footage and new interviews with lots of folks close to Bill Hicks, including his family and hometown hero Dwight Slade.

To up the party level a notch, there are local comedians performing before some of the show. Extra good comedy times will be had on Friday at 7pm with Virginia Jones; Friday at 9:15pm with me, Whitney Streed; and Saturday at 7pm & Sunday at 7pm with Mark Saltveit. Additionally, the 7pm shows are presented by Helium Comedy Club. Hollywood Theater is located at 4122 NE Sandy Blvd. Tickets are $7 or $5 for particularly adventurous children or seniors, and you can buy them online or at the door.

Countown to Bridgetown: It’s 8 Days Away, and Phil has Opinions!

You! Lone traveler through the ethereal internet! Thank goodness you have stumbled upon this blog post! Would you like some tea? Um.. one sec…..Huh….I’m sorry, I would love to give you some tea, but as you can see, I am just text. Bummer, right?

Since I have your ear (eyes?), would you like to learn about some amazing performers arriving at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival? What say you? Hm? I’m waiting… C’mon, say something! Damnit! Once again, I am reminded that I am simply text, and although I can emulate a regular conversation, I can by no means participate in one.

As far as learning about some performers of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, you really don’t have a choice in the matter. So suck it.

Perhaps you’ve seen this lady on Flight of the Concords or the Daily Show. Mayhaps you’ve heard her voice on Bob’s Burgers. If you have, you’ve probably been struck by how funny she is, or a chair. If you’ve been struck by how funny she is, then you should know that her name is Kristin Schaal (if it’s the chair thing, contact the police). She is a winner of multiple comedy awards (yes, comedy awards are a thing), and together with her comedy companion Kurt Braunohler, they make amazing comedy. Comedy that makes you want to throw away all other comedy you’ve seen and live a monastic, laughing life. Both Kurt and Kristin are fabulous solo acts, but together they form a sort of comedy Megatron that is nigh-unstoppable. See them!

Brett Gelman is one of the most groundbreaking performers working today. He’s not a landscaper. He breaks ground, not regular ground, but comedy ground. Perhaps he could be described as comedy landscaper. He’s done numerous appearances on the hilarious podcast CDR radio, and worked as a writer and performer on the HBO series Funny or Die Presents. You would do yourself only harm by missing his performances.

–Phil Schallberger