Stland ub Cromeddy 4 teh knew yeer

It’s a new month! Can you believe it? I can, for some reason. But I like to see every new month as a clean slate. A chance to redeem yourself. And in light of that, I have come up with what I like to call ‘resolutions'; proactive steps to better myself. Here are some of my New Month Resolutions:

– Drink more
– Sleep less

Nothing like a good chunckle. Moving on, here is what is happening this weekend for comedy that does not occur at Helium or Harvey’s :-

Mt. Tabor Comedy SHOWCASE
Thursday, 9pm, hosted by Whitney Streed

Sad times for those of you who like unasked for punishment; the Mt. Tabor open mic has become a showcase, which basically means less comics performing who are doing more time (10 minutes or so) and the lineup is made in advance. I just realized that all I did was define what a showcase is. Maybe that’s helpful. But now that you know, here’s the line up:

Jimmy Newstetter
Shane Torres
Christian Ricketts
Coree Spencer
Zach Cole
Iris Gorman

Sounds to me like a laugh pizza. and It’s of course FREE.

Brody Theater Fly Ass Jokes Presents Porseattland, A Northwest Comedy Showcase
Friday and Saturday, hosted by Ian Karmel

Friday, 10pm:

Mike Drucker (Saturday Night Live, The Onion, McSweeney’s)
Shane Torres (Bridgetown)
Christian Rickets (Bridgetown)
Jen Allen (The Brody Theater, Comedy Underground)
Jessie McCoy (Hamburger champion, Unibash radio)

Saturday, 8pm:

Mike Drucker
Ron Funches (Comedy Death Ray, Bumbershoot, SF Sketchfest)
Timmy Williams (Whitest Kids U’ Know)
John McKay (Bumbershoot)
Barbara Holm (Bumbershoot, Castlebraid Comedy Festival)

Tickets are only $10 per night, and can be purchased at the door or ahead of time at the Brody Theater’s website. It’s all ages, although there is still a fully stocked bar for your problem/s.

Reggie Watts at Helium Comedy Club 8/25

Hey gang – Reggie Watts is performing this Wednesday, one night only, at Helium comedy club. If you haven’t seen Reggie Watts live yet, then definitely go. Reggie’s act is a hybrid of comedy and bizarre soundscapes made with beat boxing, a-Capella singing and loop-pedal sampling. I saw Reggie perform at the 2009 Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and I highly recommend this show. So cancel all of your boring plans and go see Reggie this Wednesday. This show will likely sell out, so get your tickets as early as possible, you turkey.