Musty’s Smoking Spring Spectacular at the Bagdad this Friday 4/8

Much goodness is happening in this week in the way of shows, but one in particular stands out: Musty’s Smoking Spring Spectacular at the Bagdad. The line-up is packed full of great comedians from Portland and Seattle: Richard Bain, Ian Karmel, Ron Funches, Tristian Spillman, Patrick Thomas Perkins, Jen Seaman, and Alex Meyer, plus an appearance by Gabe Dinger & Jimmy Newstetter as Jim Jam Gabe-aroo, and of course Mark “The Mustard Man” Kikel running the show.

But even more amazing that the line-up is the poster. if there ever was a show to see based solely on the awesomeness of its advertisement, this is the one. Tristian Spillman, you have truly outdone yourself. Show starts at 10pm and is, as always, $5. See you there for jokes and tokes, folks!

Bagdad Comedy Party: Musty’s Pre-420 Funny! 4/16/10

Oh comedy friends and comedy lovers, it’s Friday! That of course means none other than your weekly dose of the Bagdad Comedy Party. This week Mark “The Mustard Man” Kikel is using his most potent magic to make 4-20 come early, and he and Tristian Spillman have a fantastic show lined up to celebrate. Get really high on anything you want and get to Hawthorne tonight at 10pm to join Jessie McCoy, Gabe Dinger, Ron Funches, Richard Bain, and the shining light that is Ron Osborne in spreading the hilariously good news. Musty has even promised brownies. Perhaps somehow there will be enough for everyone in the theater! Who knows how these things happen, sometimes they just do. See you tonight, my good friends!!