Rose City Rollers Fundraiser Comedy Show at Red Velvet Parlour

Women like haircuts. Everybody knows that, especially the ladies. What women like more, besides Mel Gibson, are fundraiser comedy shows for people who are not suffering from cancer or anything serious besides the inability to stand perfectly still. So that covers appeal for one half of the population – and I am quite sure that men will enjoy this show as well (and not just because the place will be packed with breeding age human females).
The cause is important; the Rose City Rollers need money, so they can get orange slices at halftime. What I do know is that the money raised at this show will be going to Red Velvet Parlour, then to the rollers. So really if you come to the show and buy a ticket, you are sponsoring Red Velvet Parlour’s capacity to sponsor the Rose City Rollers. Look at you, supporting two causes! Like a regular Mother Fucking Theresa over here, and without the hidden Atheism.
The bottom line is that this is going to be an awesome show in a unique venue. I expect everyone in the city of Portland to attend.

Red Velvet Parlour
3279 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Lower Level
Portland, OR 97214

Friday January 14, 2011 (TODAY)
7:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Performers (in no particular order):
Katie Brien
Alex Gavlick
Jimmy Newstetter
Tim Hammer
Christen Manville
Nick Walker
Kyle Harbert
Christian Ricketts
Jessie McCoy
Shawn Gray-Fleek
Zach Cole
Jen Allen
Justin Lawson
Gabe Dinger

Wine bar (probably some beer too), and a fun time photo booth for people. Not sure if there will be any chairs or a stage. Guess we’ll just have to have extra fun to make up for it :(

{EDITOR’S NOTE: I realize that the Mel Gibson movie referenced was ‘What Women Want’ not ‘What Women Like’, the poorly received sequel. Also, I finally got word that this show is 15$, because orange slices and capri suns are expensive maybe.}

This Weekend in Comedy

Holy shit, this is a busy weekend for Portland Comedy. Here’s what is on the menu –

That’s Not Funny: A Feminist Comedy Show*. 6:30 pm, $5-$10 suggested donation. Portland State University, Food For Thought Cafe. Belinda Carroll, Jacki Kane, Rissa Riss, Joanie Quinn, hosted By Carmen Trineece.

Comedy Night at the Bagdad. 9:30pm, $5. Will Woodruff, Adam Dahl, Randy Mendez, Cody Smith and with headliner Ron Funches. Hosted by Tristian Spillman. *And, you never know who is going to drop by to grovel for a guest set (me) – so take that handfull of pills and chum on over the the Bagdad for a swell time.

The Liberators, a local improv group of much experience and renown, will be performing at The Woods, in Sellwood. 9pm. $10 presale/$13 door. 21 and up. joined by Ralph Huntley (Musical Director and House Band Leader for Live Wire!) who will provide the musical backdrop.

Fly Ass Jokes, Ian Karmel’s Birthday Edition. 10pm at The Brody Theater. Fly Ass Jokes! Featuring: Sean Jordan, Shane Torres, Ian Karmel, Jen Allen, Anthony Lopez, Richard Bain, Valerie Branch and Mario DiGiorgio.

Great Big Laughs at the Great Hall, 8pm (the Great Hall is on the corner of sw broadway and columbia) $5. Don Frost, Todd Armstrong, Chris Castles, Carmen Trineece, hosted by Dylan Kasprzyk. Go there and be an audience member.

Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” at the Clinton St. Theater at 7:30pm, part of the Humanist Film Festival. (seems to me like a significant comedy event.) I personally would urge you to download this movie illegally and watch it after coming to one of the other shows going on tonight, but whatever. You can also get in a time machine and go back to Wednesday to see the Comedy is O.K. Anniversary show.

Saturday also has a couple of shows (including ‘Right Hand Red’ at Curious Comedy, mentioned in the previous post). These are them:

‘Campfire’ Saturdays 9/25-10/16 | 8pm at the Brody. Their new Fall show. Consists of improv in the form of creepy tales inspired by true-life mysteries taken from the audience. $10 / $7 students.

Performing this weekend at Helium are Nick Thune, Art Krug and Ron Funches. Greg Giraldo was booked for this weekend, and after his unfortunate passing Nick Thune was tapped to headline this weekend. He’s really funny, and some of you may have already seen him perform at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Here’s a video, cause this is the internet bitch:

Absolutely nothing is happening at Harvey’s, because it is a restaurant.