Live(ish) from Suki’s Open Mic

This is an experiment in the future, comedy fans. It is currently 8:40 pm at Suki’s Bar and Grill, the very site where in about a half an hour or so a night of hardcore, live open mic comedy is about to commence. This kind of magic only happens once every week or so. But how often is it documented, in real time, and updated live to a relatively disinterested public? Not often enough, I have decided. So welcome to Suki’s.

8:42pm: World famous open mic frequenter Marcus Gibson learns about the PDX Comedy Blog and immediately requests to be made famous by it. Knowing the profound sway of this site, I relent. (You’re welcome.)

8:59pm: Dax is arrived. Cops are slowly circling the building. “America FUCK YEAH” is playing. All is well.

9:00 pm Shawn Fleek, kitchen manager at Suki’s and part-time rabble rouser, gets off work and joins Whitney in the “forbidden dance” that is a liveblog.

10:14pm: The experiment falters almost immediately due to my having to go up second. [I do alright. I cannot work out jokes on stage here, I do not have any clue why I persist in believing that I can.] Anywho, the mic started about an hour ago. By this point, there is a solid crowd on the “comic side” of the room and a couple people playing video poker on the other.

10:16pm: The first (hopefully) use of the word “funbag” on stage tonight.

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Go Frock Yourself! Gown Night at the Boiler Room 7/12/10

Oh my goodness comedy friends! I apologize for the inactivity of the blog in the past few weeks. I’ve been dealing with issues both personal and political, for the betterment of the whole. But I am back in this particular saddle and ready to get this blog back on its electronic feet. Huzzah.

So — what are you doing tonight? Going to the Boiler Room in fancy dress, that’s what! The yonic master Valerie Branch has organized *the* fashion event of the open mic season. Come see unlikely dress wearers like Marcus Gibson and me, and (fingers quadruple-crossed!) the always elegant Kevin-Michael Moore. If Don Frost shows up in a skirt we all win big. From the Facebook:

Funnier than a hoopskirt in a windstorm, put on your petticoats and hustle your bustle down to Open Mic at the Boiler Room!

From the classiest ball gown to the trashiest hand me down, all who come in dresses will impress us!

With your host, the Belle of the Ball, Kevin-Michael Moore!
Admission is, as always, free. Those in gowns will get priority on the sign up list.

Stay for the kick line (undergarments recommended, but not required) and the ever popular improv games!

Show gets rolling around 9pm. See you there, kitten friends!