Laughterglow at the Weird Bar tonight 2/17

Good noontime, comedy fans. My showcase Laughterglow is tonight at 9 at the Weird Bar! (It’s my blog and I’ll self-promote if I want to.) There will be stand-up by Virginia Jones, Anthony Lopez, and Iris Gorman, sketch by Tactics Ogre (Jimmy Newstetter & Christian Ricketts), and music by Annie Vergnetti. Great stuff all around. It will be a really fun time and I am excited to host it. Hope to see you there. $5. Weird Bar is at 3701 SE Division.

Laughterglow at the Weird Bar 12/16

Excellent show happening tonight, comedy comrades: Laughterglow, a stand-up showcase at the Weird Bar on 37th and Division. In the interest of full disclosure, it is my show and it is going to be awesome. Alysia Wood, who conquered Seattle comedy and is in the process of defeating the rest of the United States, is back in the Northwest and gracing Portland with her hilarity. Also on the show is Gabe Dinger (who you saw hanging out all casual-like with Norm MacDonald while he was hosting for him at Helium!), Lisa Myers, Christian Ricketts, and Bri Pruett. Like I said, awesome. Starts at 9pm and costs a mere $5. See you there!

Sabrina Matthews and Other Subjects Falling Under the Broad Umbrella of Queer Comedy in Portland

Good day, purveyors of fine humor in the Northwest geographic region! November is shaping up to be a great month for those who prefer their jokes a little lighter in the loafers. There is a glitter of gay- and queer-related comedy events coming out up in the next couple weeks.

Tomorrow night, Thursday November 11, head over to the Weird Bar (3701 SE Division) for my comedy showcase Laughterglow. Formerly the E Room, the bar has changed it name and widened its clientele, but still has a queer-centric focus. This show is going to be great. Cody Eden and Levi Rounds, two excellent Salt Lake City comics, are in town cross-pollinating the comedy scenes. The show also includes Mikey Kampmann, Manuel Hall, Delaney and Paris, and Valeria Branch, plus a special drop-in by the Belinda Carroll. Show is $6, starts at 9pm.

Then next Thursday, Sabrina Matthews is coming to town! She’s been seen on Last Comic Standing and LOGO, and recently made a Comedy Central special. She’s a freaking riot and professional lesbian celebrity, and has not been to Portland in 15 years, despite this being something of a lesbian Mecca. Catch her plus the fabulous Nico Santos (a Portland native!) and host Belinda Carroll in Gaylarious! A One Night Stand with Sabrina Matthews at Aura on 1022 W Burnside on November 18 at 9pm. Tickets are $15 and up, and can be purchased in advance here.

Below is a great video of her talking about the subject of killing cats*. (This one’s for you, Tim Hammer!) (*She doesn’t actually kill cats, do not be alarmed.)

In prideful celebration of all this celebratory pride, Belinda Carroll, Valerie Branch, and myself got together Tuesday with Carla Remey on Out Loud, KBOO Community Radio’s program devoted to queer news and culture, to talk about these events as well as share some humor jokes about God and Portland. Sabrina Matthews even called in and engaged in the rapport. It happened yesterday, Lucky you can listen to the whole show here, thanks to the magic of the internet (thanks, internet! thanks, magic!).