Doug Stanhope AND Matt Braunger Both Doing Shows in Town This Friday 10/14 !

Portland, the amount of quality comedy in this town is ridiculous right now. You just can’t go anywhere without stepping on something new and different. I mean you can, it’s just hard because there’s all this new and different stuff laying haphazardly on the ground. We really should get a storage unit or something.

Anywho — this Friday, two AMAZING comedians are coming in from out of town and both of their shows are worth seeing. If you can find a way to see both, time-lord style, that would be the best option. But if you cannot do that, here are your other options:

Matt Braunger, Alberta Rose Theater, 8pm and 10pm. $10. He’s recording his cd!!

Doug Stanhope, Bagdad Theater, 9pm. $25. With Andy Andrist and Kristine Levine!!

ALSO KNOW that the really incredible duo The Sklar Brothers are in town at Helium [see them today or Saturday!] and a bunch of comics are going to be running amok in the Portland art museum. This Friday is going to rock.

Lonnie Bruhn returns to Harvey’s Comedy Club 2/9

Damn the comment cards, full speed ahead! Portland’s “Black Sheep” of comedy Lonnie Bruhn returns to the stage at Harvey’s Comedy Club for a special one-night engagement tonight. Lonnie is a local legend and it’s a treat to see him in a club environment, so get out of Gresham tonight and come enjoy the show. Also featuring the ever-fabulous Kristine Levine and special guest Jon Green, plus host Todd Armstrong bridging the divide between the city’s two clubs. Good times will assuredly be had by all. $15, starts at 8pm.

Comedy in Session! at Tanker Bar 7/15/10

What are you doing July 15th? THIS!!!!! [This meaning Ben Varley’s awesome showcase at the Tanker Bar at 4825 SE Hawthorne! Starts in half an hour and goes til the Tabor open mic starts! Lots of cheap beer!! Kick ass comedy!!!]

Richard Bain
Kristine Levine
Will Woodruff
Chris Castles
Jessie McCoy
Jimmy Newstetter
Christian Ricketts
Seth Milstein

Hosted By Ben Varley
No Cover

And drinking will be cheap… god….what else could be better?