Contribute To John Breen’s Film “Crook County War” – A Comedy-Action Feature

John BreenJohn Breen is a big name in the improv and theater worlds. His improv comedy workshops are the stuff of legend, and his writing is acclaimed across Portland and around the US. So when he tells you that he’s ready and eager to direct “Crook County War,” his first feature length film, you can believe that it’s true.

There are just 14 days left for Breen’s project to reach its goal, and every contribution will help make this very funny script with a very funny cast into a very funny reality. Check out the Indiegogo campaign page, watch the movie, and if you chuckle even once, throw a $20 their way (or a $2000 if you’re able) and feel good supporting local art by local artists that will serve to elevate Portland even further as a mecca for top-notch comedy.

More information about the project available at

SWEAT: A Sketch Comedy Experience at Theater! Theater! through September

More excellent sketchy news, this time from Shelley McLendon. A massive creative nebula has been formed from folks involved in such awesomeness as Roadhouse! The Musical and the Liberators, and that nebula has been gracefully dubbed SWEAT. Read on:

Self –titled debut show coming in September!

You have seen the five members of Portland’s latest and flyest sketch comedy troupe- SWEAT- in forces of nature such as ROAD HOUSE: The Play!, The 3rd Floor, The Liberators, and Live Wire!. Now feel the perfect storm created by these five getting together and working hard for you. These people know what they are doing. Written and performed by SWEAT themselves and directed by John Breen, their self-titled debut show will leave you feeling exhausted and in love. Be the first to experience what this whole thing is all about.


Shelley McLendon (ROAD HOUSE: The Play!, Bad Reputation Productions, The Liberators)
Michael Fetters (ROAD HOUSE: The Play!, The 3rd Floor, The Auteur)
Sean McGrath (ROAD HOUSE: The Play!, Cinema Syndicate, Live Wire!)
Andrew Harris (The 3rd Floor, The Auteur, Leverage)
Jason Rouse (The 3rd Floor, Leverage)
Directed by John Breen (The Autuer, The Liberators, Hoskins and Breen)

SWEAT plays Fridays and Saturdays from September 3rd to October 2nd at the Arena Stage at Theater! Theater!. Show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 door. Check out* for more info and get tickets at

*Also incidentally wins the award for best domain name of the week.