Shock Therapy: Benefit for Ron Shock this Saturday!

One of the great things about comedy is that comedians take care of their own. When storytelling great Ron Shock was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that bankrupt him and his family last year, comedians all over the country started organizing benefits. Here in Portland, led by the magical Kristine Levine, folks have put together not a comedy show but a storytelling showcase. So cool!

A whole boatload of awesome comedians will be telling their stories this Saturday at the Star Theater (13 NW 6th Ave). Local favorites Ian Karmel, Nathan Brannon, Tynan Delong, Belinda Carroll, Carmen Trineece and more!!

This night will be awesome and a unique chance to hear about parts of these comedians’ lives that rarely get discussed on stage. I will be there and I am very much looking forward to it. Show starts at 9pm. $7-$10 sliding scale to get in the door. You can buy tickets in advance from Brownpaper Tickets here.

And to pass the time until then, enjoy some stories from Ron Shock himself:

Tig Notaro Tonight at Mississippi Studios!

Alright people, listen up! There is a Metric Shit Ton of great stand-up comedy in town tonight (check out Giggletown PDX for a full list!), but one of the most awesome wizards in the land is coming to town and you need to know about it.

[                           this is where you wait in eager anticipation                        ]

It’s Tig Notaro! She is so fantastic!!! Catch her tonight at Mississippi Studios (3939 N. Mississippi Ave.) for only $12! Plus Ian Karmel, Portland’s Funniest Person and All Around Great Guy, will be there too!  Check it out. Comedy all the time, people!