Many are the shows this weekend 9/9 – 9/11

Here are some comedy shows you might enjoy!

THURSDAY — Tonight see just how diverse Portland comedy is! Hit up The Factory Underground at 8926 N. Lombard to catch Gil Brown and friends in an Indian Uprising comedy showcase. Or mosey southward to the E Room at 3701 SE Division to see the final Laughterglow stand-up showcase in the club before it closes. Killer show with Ron Funches, Holli Pappan, Shawn Fleek, Jessie McCoy, Carmen Trineece, and Christen Manville. Just look at all that racial and sexual diversity! Wowza! Guys, we are the future, am I right? Also, Greg Proops is rocking Helium all weekend long and Portland’s darling Ron Osborne is at Harvey’s through Sunday!

FRIDAY — Comedy Night at the Bagdad starts at a Very Weird Time this week, 9pm, but host Tristian Spillman still manages to have mustard a rad line-up: Gilbert Brown, Ian Karmel, Jimmy Newstetter, and Susan Rice. (Continued racial and sexual diversity! High five!) Also Theatersports and the stand-up showcase at the Brody with “friends” of Ian Karmel, improv by Peachy Chicken & Colonel Mustard at Curious Comedy, and Shakesprov after hours at ComedySportz.

SATURDAY — Blank Slate Collective improv at the Brody! Rose City Vaudeville’s Rose Saloon at Curious! And the Hilarious Six return to Pop Culture in Vancouver with Jason Nguyen, Alex Gavlick, Kameron Foster, Max Thom, Roman Sloan, Cassidy Gonzales, and DJ Matt intheHat.

Shows Happening 9/2/10 – 9/5/10

There is much comedy afoot in Portland this weekend, folks. Get out of your house and realize that it’s September! (Because September only exists outside.)

THURSDAY — There is no open mic at Mt. Tabor. Boo. But! The hilarious Todd Glass is at Helium, the hilarious Kermit Apio is at Harvey’s, and the hilarious [whoever shows up] is at Open Court at Curious Comedy Theater.

FRIDAY — Comedy Night at the Bagdad starts super-early this week (8pm) so that they can show Ferris Bueller’s Day Off afterwards. Let it deter you not, the show will be a hoot. Jovan Preacher Lawson, Sean Jordan, Dennis Williams, Jessie McCoy, and Richard Bain. Or check out Dylan Kasprzyk’s newest outfit Great Big Laughs at Great Hall Restaurant at 1406 SW Broadway, featuring the comedic artistry of Nathan Brannon, Jon Green, Phil Schallberger, and the Agnospel Choir, starts at 8pm. And tonight and Saturday, get a double-dose of improv at Curious Comedy, with Portland’s own Peachy Chicken and Colonel Mustard, an improvised murder mystery troupe.

SATURDAY — Belinda Carroll has some Grand Dames of Comedy at her Hilarious at the Hawthorne showcase, featuring Virginia Jones, Marcia Belsky, Rissa Riss, Carmen Trineece, and all the way from New Orleans, Jessica Halem, $5, 8pm. Andre Paradise presents the very funny Mark Simmons the Copper Penny on 92nd & Foster Rd. starting at 9:30. Primal Compulsion, an improvised erotic thriller, returns to the Brody Theater at 8pm, followed by improv by Blank Slate Collective.