Susan Rice at Harvey’s Tonight! (7/6/13)

susanIf you haven’t seen Susan Rice do comedy, you’ve done yourself a disservice. She is wry and witty and wise and I’m sorry for the alliteration but she’s wonderful. Susan been performing for over 30 years, slaying audiences and inspiring comics the whole time. You’ve still got three chances to see her tonight at Harvey’s (5pm, 7:30pm and 10pm) with the also amazing Nathan Brannon and Jacob Christopher. Be there folks!!

Lonnie Bruhn returns to Harvey’s Comedy Club 2/9

Damn the comment cards, full speed ahead! Portland’s “Black Sheep” of comedy Lonnie Bruhn returns to the stage at Harvey’s Comedy Club for a special one-night engagement tonight. Lonnie is a local legend and it’s a treat to see him in a club environment, so get out of Gresham tonight and come enjoy the show. Also featuring the ever-fabulous Kristine Levine and special guest Jon Green, plus host Todd Armstrong bridging the divide between the city’s two clubs. Good times will assuredly be had by all. $15, starts at 8pm.

Comedy These Days! 10/14 – 10/16

It’s the freegan weekend, baby, we’re about to have us some shows! Much ado in Portlandia in the next couple days, comedy-wise. Like what?

Well, tonight go to The Woods! Blouse Party Productions’ killer showcase Is That A Joke? reigns supreme at 9pm, with the talents of Portland AND Seattle comics! Nathan Brannon, Owen Straw, Billy Wayne Davis, Adam Dahl, Mitch Fennimore. Always hosted with gusto and grace by Jessie McCoy. [If you are up in the air about this show, people, let me say, ok first all of these comics are reallly funny, but also that I just saw Billy Wayne Davis in Seattle at Bumbershoot and he glided over the comedic anarchy that is the Famous Mysterious Actor Show like a guru over hot coals. Just saying, go see the show.]

Then Friday comes and there is much happening. Stage Left Entertainment is back in full force, bringing you Andre Paradise and Ron Funches, with host Aaron Hayes, at Wichita Town Pub, 6106 SE King Road, in Milwaulkie. Also, in Vancouver, Ron Osborne, Joe Fontenot, Tim Hammer, and host Jon Green at the Hazel Dell Applebee’s, the original home of comedy (816 NE 98th Circle). Also catch Joe at 10pm at the lovely Bounty Hunter bar at 11445 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard.

If you are actually in Portland, comic hero Doug Benson is at Helium (yes Phil, I promise it is true this time) and Last Comic Standing’s Dante is at Harvey’s. I really really wish there was someone named Harvey at Dante’s, but that would be too rich. Also, there is a really really great Bagdad show this week, featuring Shawn Gray-Fleek, Philip Schallberger, Todd Armstrong, Christian Ricketts, Paul Schlesinger, and Mikey Kampmann, at the traditional 10pm timeslot.

If you somehow manage to make it to Saturday, then you can catch more action in Wichita. Todd Armstrong hosts Ron Funches and Ron Osborne at Wichita Bar and Grill, 19140 Molalla Avenue in Oregon City. Joe Fontenot returns to Sam’s Hidaway at 545 SE 162nd at 8pm. Also it’s your last chance to catch Campfire, creepy improv stories, at the Brody. Comedy!