Thursday 2/28 @ The Thorne – FREE COMEDY SHOWCASE – “E’ry Thorne Has Its Rose”

388940_2254676202135_1248192516_n Jimmy Newstetter is a Portland Comedy legend. He should be on a US Postage Stamp, just so when the USPS goes out of business you can look back and say “well, they did everything they could.” Jimmy’s starting a new comedy showcase at the Thorne, and you can be assured that just as during his stint as the host of Suki’s Legendary Open Mic, he’s going to bring his trademarked style of chaotic professionalism to the stage on 42nd and Hawthorne.

There are no weak links among the scheduled guests. Christian Ricketts is the comedic equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein, his jokes occasionally taking on a life of their own while he cackles, and lightning strikes. Marcia Belsky has a quality usually only found in your grandmother: no matter what she’s critical of, you agree with her, even if she’s criticizing you. Gabe Dinger is at this point such a fixture of Portland nightlife that the city will inevitably name an alphabetized street either Gabe or Dinger, or a numbered street will be named Rev. Dr. Gabe Dinger Jr. Blvd, after Gabe champions a peoples’ movement.

Jimmy has set up this show for success: he’s bringing comedy Mad Libs! A credible line-up! An actual stage! Drink specials (including a $6 shot-and-beer) and no cover charge! A bar you don’t mind hanging out in after the show is over (house infusions and a small, well-rounded pub menu that doesn’t look like every other dive on the planet)! A donation-based show that you’ll actually want to give a couple dollars to, because it will be delightful! See this one.

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Thorne Lounge

4260 SE Hawthorne

8:00 – 10:00pm

FREE SHOW (Donations encouraged)


Laughterglow at the Weird Bar 12/16

Excellent show happening tonight, comedy comrades: Laughterglow, a stand-up showcase at the Weird Bar on 37th and Division. In the interest of full disclosure, it is my show and it is going to be awesome. Alysia Wood, who conquered Seattle comedy and is in the process of defeating the rest of the United States, is back in the Northwest and gracing Portland with her hilarity. Also on the show is Gabe Dinger (who you saw hanging out all casual-like with Norm MacDonald while he was hosting for him at Helium!), Lisa Myers, Christian Ricketts, and Bri Pruett. Like I said, awesome. Starts at 9pm and costs a mere $5. See you there!

Bagdad Comedy Party: Musty’s Pre-420 Funny! 4/16/10

Oh comedy friends and comedy lovers, it’s Friday! That of course means none other than your weekly dose of the Bagdad Comedy Party. This week Mark “The Mustard Man” Kikel is using his most potent magic to make 4-20 come early, and he and Tristian Spillman have a fantastic show lined up to celebrate. Get really high on anything you want and get to Hawthorne tonight at 10pm to join Jessie McCoy, Gabe Dinger, Ron Funches, Richard Bain, and the shining light that is Ron Osborne in spreading the hilariously good news. Musty has even promised brownies. Perhaps somehow there will be enough for everyone in the theater! Who knows how these things happen, sometimes they just do. See you tonight, my good friends!!