Contribute To John Breen’s Film “Crook County War” – A Comedy-Action Feature

John BreenJohn Breen is a big name in the improv and theater worlds. His improv comedy workshops are the stuff of legend, and his writing is acclaimed across Portland and around the US. So when he tells you that he’s ready and eager to direct “Crook County War,” his first feature length film, you can believe that it’s true.

There are just 14 days left for Breen’s project to reach its goal, and every contribution will help make this very funny script with a very funny cast into a very funny reality. Check out the Indiegogo campaign page, watch the movie, and if you chuckle even once, throw a $20 their way (or a $2000 if you’re able) and feel good supporting local art by local artists that will serve to elevate Portland even further as a mecca for top-notch comedy.

More information about the project available at

He Lives!! A Benefit for Dodger Tonight 8/10/12

Portland comedy hero Boomer has a sweet dog named Dodger. A few months ago, someone stabbed him eight times. But Dodger’s tenacity and will to live were far superior to some jerk’s ill-placed knife jabs, and today he is alive and barking (and just got all his hair back!).

Help Boomer pay his medical bills and stick it to all the asshole dog-stabbers everywhere by attending this most excellent comedy show tonight. With the wonderful Don Frost, Nathan Brannon, Andy Schanz, Belinda Carroll, Scott Von Wald, Stephanie Purtle, and Gary Jones, hosted by Boomer himself. Plus live music and some kick-ass raffle prizes. It all goes down tonight at 9pm at O’Malley’s, 6535 SE Foster Road.