Comedy in Session! at Tanker Bar 7/15/10

What are you doing July 15th? THIS!!!!! [This meaning Ben Varley’s awesome showcase at the Tanker Bar at 4825 SE Hawthorne! Starts in half an hour and goes til the Tabor open mic starts! Lots of cheap beer!! Kick ass comedy!!!]

Richard Bain
Kristine Levine
Will Woodruff
Chris Castles
Jessie McCoy
Jimmy Newstetter
Christian Ricketts
Seth Milstein

Hosted By Ben Varley
No Cover

And drinking will be cheap… god….what else could be better?

Comedy is OK at Clinton St. Theater 4/1/10

Whoa Nelly! There are some exciting happenings in the world of comedy. If you’re looking for action, adventure, and unsanctioned use of corporate branding materials, head to the Clinton St. Theater this Thursday, April 1 at 9 pm for the newest installment of Mikey Kampmann and Andrew Michaan‘s hilarious showcase operation, Comedy is OK.

This month promises to be a seriously grand time, featuring sets Gabe Dinger, Jimmy Newstetter, Christian Ricketts, Paul Schlesinger, Aaron Ross, and myself (Whitney Streed), as well as a WORLD PREMIER of a REAL ORIGINAL video from the Comedy is OK team plus Michael Ward called “Shut Up and Ride.”

According to the Facebook event, because the show is on April Fool’s Day, “everyone in the crowd is going to get SO FUCKING PRANKED at some point during the show.” Hang on to your butts, friends, because there is no smoking in the Clinton St. Theater. There are also rumors of donuts arriving elven-like outside the theater after the show. Will the show go as late as midnight or might these be foolish April promises? We will all have to show up to find out. See you there, my rad comrades!!

Bagdad Comedy Party 3/26/10

And of course, no Friday in Portland would be complete without a Bagdad Comedy Party! This week’s show is going to be special guest hosted by the remarkably rad Ron Funches. Head to SE 37th and Hawthorne tonight to catch a fantastic show featuring superfunny Bridgetown alum Edward Salazar (all the way from LA!), Cody Smith, Kyle Harbert, Veronica Heath, Christian Ricketts, James O’Neil, and Boomer (according to the Facebook event anyways). Party gets rolling at 10pm and doesn’t stop until maybe the apocalypse, or maybe til we get a big laugh at improv. See you there tonight, mes amis!