Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Tomorrow 6/17 at Brody, with Kyle Kinane & more!

People listen up here. The hilarious BYRAN COOK of Seattle has this amazing show that he does in which 10 comics write and perform Erotic Fan Fiction pieces, based on their whims or audience suggestions. It’s seen all the time at Nerdist Theater at LA, was featured in Bridgetown last year, and is happening tomorrow night at the Brody. With KYLE KINANE (zOMG!), IAN KARMEL, Seattle-based wizards RYLEE NEWTON & DEREK SHEEN, and a whole boat load more hilarious folks. Tickets are $10 and you can get them at . Do it!!

Portland Stand-up Graduation Shows Tonight! 12/17

Hi friends and gentle breeders! It’s time to celebrate an arbitrarily chosen point on the Earth’s path around the Sun with a couple of comedy shows! Head down to the Bagdad theater tonight at 10pm for the annual Portland comedy “graduation” show, featuring a boatload of comics who started doing comedy in the scene this year or at least moved to town. Who are these people and what are they doing here? Watch this video produced by the lovable Tristian Spillman to learn more. Or you can also head to the Brody Theater to catch their stand-up class’s graduation show tonight at the same time, which will also be fun but does not have a flash animation to celebrate its existence. Congratulations to all fake graduates!

Go See These Funny Shows! 12/10 & 12/11

The weekend is approaching, comedy fans, which means it’s time to start making your comedy plans. (Please be impressed by how that sentence rhymed internally.) There is a metric crapton of show and show-like activity this weekend. Lots of it is awesome. You may already know that, and have your plans secure. Or you may be overwhelmed by having to choose between awesomenesses. If that be the case, here are two shows that will definitely be Funny Shows.

Friday, December 10 –
Comedy Night at the Bagdad: Benefit for the Smile Train

A great line-up for a great cause. All of the proceeds benefit Smile Train, which helps kids with cleft lips and cleft palates. Dennis Williams, Ben Varley, Travis Jones, Jimmy Newstetter, Whitney Streed, Mark Saltveit, Virginia Jones, Tristian Spillman. 10pm. $10. Bagdad Theater & Pub, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Saturday, December 11 –
Super Secret Spy Team at the Brody Theater

The final performance of what is by all accounts that I have heard a fandamntastic improv show. Watch the Brody folks make up a spy story on the spot. Improvised espionage at its finest. 8pm. $10. Brody Theater, 16 NW Broadway.