Countown to Bridgetown: It’s 8 Days Away, and Phil has Opinions!

You! Lone traveler through the ethereal internet! Thank goodness you have stumbled upon this blog post! Would you like some tea? Um.. one sec…..Huh….I’m sorry, I would love to give you some tea, but as you can see, I am just text. Bummer, right?

Since I have your ear (eyes?), would you like to learn about some amazing performers arriving at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival? What say you? Hm? I’m waiting… C’mon, say something! Damnit! Once again, I am reminded that I am simply text, and although I can emulate a regular conversation, I can by no means participate in one.

As far as learning about some performers of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, you really don’t have a choice in the matter. So suck it.

Perhaps you’ve seen this lady on Flight of the Concords or the Daily Show. Mayhaps you’ve heard her voice on Bob’s Burgers. If you have, you’ve probably been struck by how funny she is, or a chair. If you’ve been struck by how funny she is, then you should know that her name is Kristin Schaal (if it’s the chair thing, contact the police). She is a winner of multiple comedy awards (yes, comedy awards are a thing), and together with her comedy companion Kurt Braunohler, they make amazing comedy. Comedy that makes you want to throw away all other comedy you’ve seen and live a monastic, laughing life. Both Kurt and Kristin are fabulous solo acts, but together they form a sort of comedy Megatron that is nigh-unstoppable. See them!

Brett Gelman is one of the most groundbreaking performers working today. He’s not a landscaper. He breaks ground, not regular ground, but comedy ground. Perhaps he could be described as comedy landscaper. He’s done numerous appearances on the hilarious podcast CDR radio, and worked as a writer and performer on the HBO series Funny or Die Presents. You would do yourself only harm by missing his performances.

–Phil Schallberger

Countdown to Bridgetown: Check Out This Awesome Comic Pete Holmes!

If you are even slightly aware of the comedy world in Portland, you are starting to get that tingly excited feeling in your gut that can only mean one thing: the Bridgetown Comedy Festival is fast approaching! We are three weeks away from opening night. To help fan the fires of excitement, we here at the PDX Comedy Blog are going to be highlighting some of our favorite comedians, both national and local, that are appearing this year.

So I’ll start with one of my favorites: PETE HOLMES! (pronounced ala STEVE HOLT from Arrested Development). Not only is he awesome, but today also happens to be his birthday!

Holmes is a fantastic stand-up comedian, weaving improv into his shockingly funny observations about life. His self-deprecation is utterly endearing and he’s smart. He’s got a half-hour Comedy Central Presents as well as killer appearances on Premium Blend, John Oliver’s show, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan. His cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker, which is ultra impressive because those people are frumpy but Pete Holmes seems like a generally positive dude.

Even though he has all those superprofessional sets online, this is my favorite Pete Holmes video. It is him at Bobby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman’s show Invite Them Up New York. I saw this a few months into doing stand-up and it completely blew my mind. He starts after something weird, digs himself an enormously awkward hole, and then uses it to great triumph. I’ve watched it an embarrassing number of times and it continues to make me laugh every time. Watch the second part after this one, it’s just as great. Ok, everybody, Pete Holmes!

— Whitney

James Adomian: Breaking Even Tour at Curious Comedy 9/21/10

Comedy cats and kittens, look out on Tuesday for a great superfun-time special event at Curious Comedy Theater. James Adomian, of Last Comic Standing 2010, Comedy Death-Ray Radio podcast, and Portland’s own Bridgetown Comedy Festival, is gracing the stage for one night only. Don’t miss your chance to see this fantastic performer whose work has been seen with Upright Citizens Brigade, The Onion News Radio, and even in Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Still not enough credits for you? He was also part of the PBS show Word Girls. Booyah. Local wizards Ron Funches and Richard Bain round out the bill, so suffice to say this show will be fantastic. Tickets are a mere $10, show starts at 8pm.