PDX Comedy Podcast Episode 4 online with Andy Wood!

The new podcast is up and running! Swing by and learn a thing or two about Bridgetown founder Andy Wood. We talk a bit of Bridgetown, but mostly nonsense with the funny, charming, and might I say well-to-do Mr. Wood. And stay tuned for next week, when we have all the finalists of the Portland Amateur Competition drop by for a post contest chat and/or thunderdome style battle! Thanks for listening!


Discounted Bridgetown Passes on Sale Now!!

Oh friends, welcome to the day! We are one Monday closer to the most exciting thing happening in Portland comedy all year, Bridgetown Bridgetown Bridgetown! Creator and demi-god Andy Wood along with all the other festival organizers have been working their tails off getting everything in order, from lining up venues to getting the word out about the weekend. Let’s give it up for them, eh? No, really. Please clap for them now. Just do it, alone in your homes or at your workplace cubicle, all if-you-believe-in-fairies-like and shit, because seriously people, they are magicians and deserve all the appreciation we can give them. (For those more into pragmatism, sign up to volunteer if you haven’t yet.)

Anywho. As lovers of comedy and/or Portland, as I assume you all to be, it behooves you to be aware that for a limited time only, passes to the *whole* weekend of Bridgetown are just $50!! At present there are 128 comedians slated to perform, with more being added all the time. $50 works out to you paying less than 40 cents per comedian. In this economy, how can you pass that up? The whole weekend will be amazing — I guarantee you will not want to miss any of it. Get your passes right here right now while you’re thinking about it, because this price is assuredly ephemeral. Comedy!!!!~

Volunteer for Bridgetown Comedy Festival!

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Just heard from the facebookery of Andy Wood that you can now official sign up to be a volunteer for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, happening April 22 through 25. Just click on this here link and you can fill in your contact info, when you are available, etc.

Did you click it? Seriously, if you haven’t already done it just do it now. The festival needs tons of volunteers to run smoothly, plus then you get extra access to shows and can end up doing rad things like taking Neil Flynn and David Koechner out to pizza while you’re driving them back to their hotel. Really, just do it. Go click on that link. Do it now! Oh so much excitement!!! Rumor has it that the line-up will be announced within the next couple weeks. Stay tuned, comedy compatriots!