Local Podcasts & Videos

Portland comedians and comedic supporters are busy bees. Many of them spend lots of time making podcasts and videos and other such comedy media. Below is a list of where to find some of them, in no particular order, as well as podcasts that often feature local comedians. (Have a show that isn’t listed? Info wrong? Send us an email!)



2 thoughts on “Local Podcasts & Videos

  1. The new PORTLANDIANS show is ready:

    [#022-Sue Ceswick: Portland Comedian & Professor of Tap (pt 2)]

    Portland Comedian & ‘Professor of Tap’ Sue Ceswick…you’ll love her…

    We talk about:
    tap dancing, wishing ‘making music’ was something everyone did, The Bridgetown Comedy Fest, Doug Benson, Dave Chappelle, MSNBC, Oprah, the Jack London Bar, inside the Portland comedy scene, Helium Comedy Club, the Funhouse, English is stupid, influences/idols, GWAR, fear, comedy philosophy

    To listen, you can just click on the link below OR go to http://portlandians.com to see the full, original post.


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