Kickstart A Poster For The 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival

With the 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival fast approaching, the creative hackles of Portland’s comedy community have been alert and stirring in all manner of related ways, especially so in the crowd funding arena. Earlier in the year we saw the inklings of the first documentary dedicated to exploring the origins of the festival spearheaded by local indie filmmakers Adam Smith and Shannon Hunt. Now with the fest just under three weeks away a new Kickstarter has popped up, in pursuit of creating the first ever run of screen printed posters for the festival.The project is run by local Portland comic, graphic designer, and generally tall person, Danny Felts.

After acting as one of the working graphic designers for the festival, Felts approached the organizers of Bridgetown with the intention of making a large format print that would highlight the festivals performers.

“If you look at other events like Bumbershoot, Bonaroo, or SXSW, you’ll notice one of the backbones of these festivals is a large flatstock poster festival built into the festival whose sole purpose is for screen printers and designers to get there work out there. In the past I think screen printing has been perceived more as a way to create t-shirts and mass produced stickers and what have you, but over the last decade or so there’s been this surge of just AMAZING artists who have created just some of the most beautiful pieces of work I’ve ever seen. The best part is because screen printing is essentially intricate stencil work, these pieces are easily reproducible and can be sold at much cheaper prices than conventional paintings. At their very best, a good poster can can articulate the feeling of a festival/band/artist in a neat 18×24 print.”

If you’re here during the festival you can pick up a print in person for a cool $10, and if you’re real sporting you can pledge $100 and Felts’ will call you on your birthday for 5 years. And of course you get the poster. Check it out here.


Open Mic List Updated

Dearest Followers,

As of 3/20/2014, the Open Mic List is updated with all the most current goings ons, with mics currently populating 6/7 days of the week, (still nothing on Friday, but I kind of like it that way). That being said, if you or your friend or someone you know has a mic and wants it to be added to the list, please contact the goodly Danny Felts, (me), and let me know when, where, and how often your mic happens in addition to any other little press release style blurbs that could be used to describe it. Hit me up on FB, or if you’re a social media free person you can send me an e-mail at dannyfelts dot gmail dot com. Good tidings!


Comedy Night @ The Bagdad — This Friday and Every Friday, Until the End of Time

If you’re not already enjoying Tristian Spillman’s excellent weekly showcase at the Bagdad on a semi-regular basis, then this poster (and this awesome line-up) should absolutely compel you to do so.


Tim Hammer headlining feels exactly like this.

Comedy Night @ the Bagdad is every Friday, usually at 10pm, always $5.