The greatest open mic ever – tonight at Suki’s

Tonight (Tuesday, September 30th) is the return of the one and only Suki’s Open Mic! Signups are at 8:30 and the show begins at 9. AND WHAT A SHOW IT SHALL BE.



Suki’s is a very special place for many of the comics who are popular in our scene right now. If you have never been, please check it out tonight. Whitney Streed will be your host, and you can probably count on at least some of these people showing up: Dan Weber! Veronica Heath! Christian Ricketts! Jimmy Newstetter! Shawn Fleek! and of course, music from the one and only IRA NOVOS. Continue reading

I Am Reviewing I Am Road Comic

I-am-road-comicJordan Brady is a comedian/filmmaker. You’ve probably seen some of his previous work – he’s the guy who shot Maria Bamford’s “Special Special Special” (available now on Netflix!) and he wrote and directed the 2010 documentary “I Am Comic”, which was partially shot at the 2009 Bridgetown Comedy Festival. He’s made a new documentary where he interviews comedians you love (Kyle Kinane, Nikki Glaser, Marc Maron, Maria Bamford, Doug Benson, and many more) about road work, and does a gig of his own featuring for Wayne Federman in Kennewick, WA. That’s practically local! You know who opens for Jordan and Wayne? Eugene’s own Seth Milstein! We love Seth! Continue reading

Holy Cow, Wednesday’s “Secret Weapon” at Mississippi Pizza is Worth Seeing

Hey, random internet stranger. Looking for something hella positive, astounding and innovative to do on Wednesday night in the inner North Portland area? Why not plunk down some pay-what-you-will-and-hopefully-that’s-five-dollars and check out Secret Weapon, which has been running for a few months and consistently turns out a great group of comedians for a pretty awesome good time?

Here is the event listing on the Portland Mercury website.

The brainchild of the incomparable Andie Main and the often-incorrectly-compared Christian Ricketts, Secret Weapon at Mississippi Pizza turns the intimate side-stage of a pizza place with excellent drinks (try the whiskey ginger — it contains actual ingredients the title implies) into a boozy old-school comedy club. In an earlier decade this space could easily have been a smoky kind of vaudeville venue, but thanks to the liberal Nazi anti smoking regimes of the last few years it is now less cancerous and more pizzaliscious. Thanks, Obama.

The price is right for your recession woes and the comedy line up for this installment of the every-last-Wednesday showcase is stellar.

In addition to the aforementioned hosts and collaborators, you get to see the sexpot song stylings of Delaney and Paris, recently seen opening. You get the now-officially-ruined-by-Vine-fame Steven Wilber (seriously though his Vine is why you should get Vine. And never post because he will still beat you.) You will get the Frank Zappa of Portland Comedy, Nariko Ott, fresh off of injuring his thumb while pulling his pants down at a comedy show (ROCK AND ROLL etc). And your headliner for the evening is Anthony Lopez, a regular host at Helium Comedy Club with a heart of gold and more swag than a Nike store.

It’s gonna be tremendous, you can’t beat the price, and since this edition is named Holy Cow This Show is Going to be Hilarious you can be assured that a bovine will be sacrificed on the altar of comedy.

secretweaponSecret Weapon at Mississippi Pizza
Wednesday September 25th at 9:30pm – $5