another goddamn apology followed by sincere gratitude and plugs for awesome shows

Hello everyone! Happy cold weather season. It’s not quite autumn anymore but too early for winter, which means: it’s winter. I’d like to remind everyone that just because we are all wearing 6 layers of clothes does not mean you get to stop showering.

Amy Miller and Ira Novos at Alberta Street Pub, 11/16/2014. I don't remember everything being quite that pink.

Amy Miller and Ira Novos at Alberta Street Pub, 11/16/2014. I don’t remember everything being quite that pink.

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The greatest open mic ever – tonight at Suki’s

Tonight (Tuesday, September 30th) is the return of the one and only Suki’s Open Mic! Signups are at 8:30 and the show begins at 9. AND WHAT A SHOW IT SHALL BE.



Suki’s is a very special place for many of the comics who are popular in our scene right now. If you have never been, please check it out tonight. Whitney Streed will be your host, and you can probably count on at least some of these people showing up: Dan Weber! Veronica Heath! Christian Ricketts! Jimmy Newstetter! Shawn Fleek! and of course, music from the one and only IRA NOVOS. Continue reading

I Am Reviewing I Am Road Comic

I-am-road-comicJordan Brady is a comedian/filmmaker. You’ve probably seen some of his previous work – he’s the guy who shot Maria Bamford’s “Special Special Special” (available now on Netflix!) and he wrote and directed the 2010 documentary “I Am Comic”, which was partially shot at the 2009 Bridgetown Comedy Festival. He’s made a new documentary where he interviews comedians you love (Kyle Kinane, Nikki Glaser, Marc Maron, Maria Bamford, Doug Benson, and many more) about road work, and does a gig of his own featuring for Wayne Federman in Kennewick, WA. That’s practically local! You know who opens for Jordan and Wayne? Eugene’s own Seth Milstein! We love Seth! Continue reading