Curious Comedy’s First Annual Fall Funnyraiser this Sat. 11/19!

Comedy cats and komedy kittens! If you haven’t checked out Curious Comedy’s new musical improv show “Rhapsody!”, this weekend would be a great time to do it. Curious is holding its first annual fundraiser on Saturday night.

For just $35 (which is apparently tax-deductable) you get a ticket to the performance and a three-course dinner and a drink ticket. Whoa people, did you hear that? Three courses PLUS a drink? Nobody could call you a cheap date. If you have $15 extra to shell out, you can get a VIP ticket which also gets you reserved seating and admittance to a cocktail hour at 6:30 with members of the cast and a steamed guest (my hope would be asparagus). Slide over to the Curious website for more details, including the evening’s menu, and to buy tickets.

If you can’t afford this level of luxury, do consider going to see the show on some other night. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the show and its cast. Comedy, people! Comedy!

Fool’s Gold: A Premise Mining Showcase at Tonic Lounge This Wednesday

Also on Wednesday night, Portland all star Jimmy Newstetter has put together a show that is happening at my showcase at the Tonic Lounge (3100 NE Sandy), and it sounds amazing. “Fool’s Gold: A Premise Mining Showcase” promises improvised stand up and long form improv!

This show is bit later in the eve than the Helium show, a boon for those who like to take in multiple shows per night (you tramp!), and will be full of laughter and merriment never before spoken in the history of words being said out loud.  Show starts around 9:30 and is (as are all Weekly Recurring Humor Nights) pay what you want.

Full Lineup For PSICKASS Announced

The full lineup of genius problem solvers and musical virtuosos for the June 9th PSICKASS Event at Beauty Bar has been announced. A Mental State Department press agent spoke this morning from a podium, high atop MSD headquarters in Langley, VA, delivering the details in an address to thousands of desperate morons gathered below.

“Headlining the event is comedian Danny Norton. He’s known throughout the world as a dandy genius, and is sure to make everything right in the world. The musical guest for the evening is Iretsu, whose funky, soulful pop-rock will soothe the audience into blissful relaxation, possibly even causing spontaneous dancing to erupt. In addition, previously announced guests Whitney Streed and Phil Schallberger, both of whom are brilliant and clever public speakers, are going to be assisting Danny Norton in solving the problems of everyone who attends.”

The announcement was met with indifference, drooling and some fighting among the unintelligent masses in the crowd. The PSICKASS unveiling is not open to the poorly-educated, but MSD announcements are often delivered to anyone who camps on the lawn of headquarters.

Mental State Department scientists have been crafting a simple yet effective system intended to solve all problems. Dubbed “PSICKASS,” Problem Solving Initiative – Creating + Kindly Announcing Silly Solutions, the system has been mysteriously short on public details until recently, when an anonymous source at MSD revealed the date and time the MSD intend to make PSICKASS public.

The PSICKASS unveiling is scheduled at 8pm on June 9th at the Beauty Bar at SW 1st and Ash. The program is intended to solve all problems, and is free for anyone (age 21+) to attend. Mental State Department guidelines insist that no one who attends this event be stupid, dumb, or stupid-dumb.

After this morning’s announcement, MSD distributed the following flyer, intended to promote the show:

Questions? Comments? Please contact MSD directly at mentalstatecomedy at gmail dot com

– Shawn Gray-Fleek