Bridgetown is One Month Away! Get Your Tickets or Sign Up to Volunteer Now!

bridgetownPeople! Can you believe it? The Bridgetown Comedy Festival is only one month away! It is well worth your time and resources to spend the week enjoying the awesomest comedy event in Portland that happens all year.

Bridgetown has grown bigger and more packed with talent with each passing year. In this, its sixth year, the line-up is spectacular, with big names like Dana Gould, Reggie Watts, and Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper. Beloved former Portland comedians like Dax Jordan, Richard Bain, and Virginia Jones will also be there, plus a host of startlingly talented folks from all over the country (I’m talking Todd Glass and Kurt Braunholer and Moshe Kasher, people. I’m talking Jake Weisman and Guy Braunum and Brandie Posey and Emily Heller. I’m talking KATE BERLANT here, people.  I could go on but I won’t. It’s going to be fantastic.)

The festival is  April 18 – 21 and will primarily be held on Hawthorne Boulevard. Weekend passes, priced at $79, are on sale now at, with an additional $10 pre-sale discount available through March 27th.

Also! There is still time to volunteer! Bridgetown couldn’t happen without the amazing people who contribute their time and energy. Whether you want to sit at a table selling tickets or shirts, drive things and people around, or just lift heavy boxes for a while, the festival would love your help. You can volunteer a little or a lot, and your reward is free admission for a night or the whole weekend. Sign up now at and you will hear back within a couple weeks about what your role will be. Comedy all the time, people! All! The! Time!

Bridgetown Comedy Festival Has Begun!

The 4th annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival starts today at 7pm and continues until 11pm Sunday. In 8 different venues along Hawthorne Boulevard, over 200 comedians from all over the country will be performing in a little over 70 different shows. These shows not only include stand up, but range from excellent long form improv (Theme Park, Curious Comedy Players), sketch (the Whitest Kids U Know), variety (Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, The Famous Mysterious Actor Show, Comedy Is OK, Snob Theater), film screenings (Killer Shrews, Tell Your Friends!), a live podcast (This American Wife) and even a one man show with Andy Dick.

This is some pretty serious shit.

Every year when the Bridgetown Comedy Festival happens, it is like Christmas for Portland’s comedians – more so than the real Christmas. Not only do we get to perform in front of great audiences (You?), we also get to rub shoulders with some of the smartest and most original comics in the stand up world, with new faces on the festival lineup every year. The real treat is for the audience member (You?) – for relatively cheap, one can come close as humanly possible to overdosing on comedy. And we’re talking top shelf comedy, motherfucker (You?).

You can either buy a Festival Pass – 80$, which gets you into any show on any day,
and then there are day passes and weekend passes, which are also a smokin hot deal. Of course if only one show in particular fits your needs, there will be a respective cover charge for that show.

{AUCHTUNG! Festival passes on sale for only 6 more hours from when I am writing this. The time is meow.}


Now with all of that malarkey out of the way, the following is a list (in no particular order) of comics who you might have not heard of that deserve a mention as they are all well worth seeing:

DJ Dougg Pound
Eric Andre
Mike Drucker
Cameron Esposito
Jesse Case
John F. O’Donnell
Aparna Nanjerla
Hampton Yount
Dan Carroll
Toby Muresianu
Adam Cayton-Holland
Chris Garcia
Robert Buscemi
April Richardson
Keith Lowell Jensen
Tamra Brown
Janine Brito
Ron Lynch (ok you may have already heard of this guy. if not, go out of your way to see him)
Margaret Cho

I could go on, but then I would just be better off sending you a link to the performers page instead. Like I said earlier, lots of new faces from the last festival, and discovering comedians you love is what makes this festival so great.

The Bridgetown Comedy Festival: Eat Fresh Let’s make this precious.

Christian Van Wade Ricketts