Brady’s Friends With Benefits 3/14/13 at Dante’s

To try and eulogize Brady Echerer with the few hundred words I have at my disposal would not do him justice. For one thing there was too much to relate: he was a comedian, a paranormal investigator, a chef and a father. Unfortunately I didn’t really know him as well as I wanted to though. I know it sounds cliche, but I always assumed we had more time, until, tragically, we didn’t.

Like I said, I know Brady had a son he loved very much, and he’d recently lost a women he cared for deeply, but we rarely discussed our families. I’ve heard great things about his cooking, but I’d never had the pleasure of trying that version of his art. Nor did I ever accompany him on one of his many ghost hunting expeditions. I knew Brady, as many did, as one of the most bad-ass comedians I’ve ever met. He was respected by veteran comics for being fearless on stage and honest in his writing, yet he still managed to remain one of the warmest people in the world off stage. He also gave a lot of newer comics some amazing opportunities too, including extended stage time for up and comers, day jobs and even a place to stay if the situation was dire enough — all big deals for struggling comics. When we heard he was in the hospital for a heart attack, many of us were willing to help any way we could; with his death, our plans for a fundraiser has also become a memorial of sorts.

At 8pm this Thursday at Dante’s (350 W Burnside), several of Portland’s best comics (including Nathan Branon, Lonnie Bruhn, Big Jim Willig, Belinda Carroll, Boomer, Joe Hieronymus, Andie Main, Tim Hammer, Ry No, Todd Armstrong, Chris Shattuck, Craig Nelson, Shane Torres and myself) are coming together to do our best to memorialize our departed comrade Brady. Additionally there’ll be live music, a raffle, a silent auction and more, all hosted by Jamie Stewart. Proceeds are going towards Brady’s family to help pay for the both the hospital visit and his funeral. For more information and to purchase tickets please visit

I hope to see you there. Don’t forget to tell someone you love them.