Down & Dirty: A Dark Comedy Showcase Tonight at Ash Street Saloon!

downndirtyWhen Whitney said I could write my own post about Down & Dirty: A Dark Comedy Showcase (happening this Sunday, March 10th, at 9pm, inside the Ash Street Saloon, near 3rd and Ash) the accurately name monthly comedy show I host I felt very conflicted. I’m the host but I’m also a human being.

As the host of Down & Dirty: A Dark Comedy Showcase I want to encourage you to come to come see my show. It’s a great line with a lot of very talented people: David Mascarro, Trevor Thorpe, Nariko Ott, Dan Weber, Scoot Herring and Xander Deveaux. They’re also very busy people; Many write and perform on Richie Stratton’s Tonight On The Rocks (a weekly comedy/variety show you should definitely check out), when they’re not running their own showcases or recording podcasts, and our headliner, Xander Deveaux, recently got accepted to Portland’s own Bridgetown Comedy Festival. There’s also our sweet location, The Ash Street Saloon, which well stocked and staffed, and located right around the corner from the downtown Voodoo Doughnuts and near many Tri-Met lines/stops so you can enjoy the show and avoid getting a DUI at the same time. As it’s host, in my very biased opinion, the next Down & Dirty is going to be probably one of the best comedy shows you could see this month.

As a human being, I’d like to advise you against going to Down & Dirty though. D&D is everything the name implies and there are just some really, really terrible jokes there. Just the worst kinds of humor. Not bad jokes though; great jokes, involving sex, depression, drug use, poor decision making skills, love and the collected traumatic experience we call “life”, each well written, excellently delivered and guaranteed make you feel absolutely terrible for laughing at them afterwards. Some just really great terrible jokes. I am obviously a huge fan of this kind of comedy, otherwise I would put on this show every month, but you might not be and I can relate; I feel the same way about clean and safe humor.
So please come to my show, Down & Dirty: A Dark Comedy Showcase, Sunday at 9pm in the Ash Street Saloon but only if you want to and only if you’re into that kinda thing. Either way, thank you.

— Patrick Perkins

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