Only a few days left on Lonnie Bruhn’s Comedy Show and DVD Kickstarter, “Project Truth Hurts”

Yeah, Truth hurts. And so does going out, hat in hand and attempting to get funding for your creative comedy project. Case in point, one Lonnie Bruhn.

LB-2012-headshotLonnie is genuinely funny, authentically bare-it-all raw and honest, and one of the most supportive long-time members of the Portland comedy scene. Some people know him as just “that comic with cerebral palsy,” but that is hardly all that he is. With or without a disability, his storytelling and comedy truly have me doubled over laughing, every time. His outrage and truth are all our outrage and truth — he cuts that deep.

Lonnie also has a dream. He wants to perform at the Star Theater in Old Town in Portland on March 27th, and make a video recording for his own comedy DVD. Well, all that crap costs money, son. To this end, Lonnie has had a project up on Kickstarter and it has a total of THREE days left on it. He still needs more to achieve his goal (and it’s not much, like he’s honed the total cost down to $2,500). Let me repeat that: only three days left. And remember, with Kickstarter, if you don’t make the nut of your goal, you don’t get nuttin’. Nada. Big Goose Egg.

Of course there’s all sorts of benefits for contributing, depending on how much you give, including copies of the DVD and a limited edition of the show poster by local artist Chris Haberman.

But really, you need to be doing this for Lonnie. Go look at what you spend on sucking down PBRs at open mics every month and consider give just a small portion of that to Lonnie’s Kickstarter. Lonnie will thank you, and your liver will thank you for the (brief) respite. Show some love to a comic brother who just needs a bit more help to have his dream to come true.

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