Fresh Faces Show at the Bagdad this Friday! 12/23/11

After a rad-uation show last week, check out the second half of the new crop of Portland comics. There are nearly 20 people on this show. At only $5 to get in, that works out to less than a quarter per performer. This is bargain basement comedy but it’s so awesome that our scene is blowing up. Tristian Spillman, bless your soul for figuring out how to fit all these faces on the poster.

Featuring the freshly-minted talents of:

Jeff Oliver, Iris Jean Gorman, Shades Mathison, Scott Von Wald, Scoot Herring, Trevor Charles, Jesse Priest, Xander Deveaux, Dan Duncan, Weber, Steven Wilber, Kevin Clarke Strauser, Drew Anderson, Crystal Alexander Kordowski, Gary Jones, Craig May, Joseph Ledington, and Ahmad Radheyyan, plus a special guest appearance by Portland alum Dylan Kasprzyk. Show starts at 10pm and goes until the Mayan calendar runs out.


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