Curious Comedy’s First Annual Fall Funnyraiser this Sat. 11/19!

Comedy cats and komedy kittens! If you haven’t checked out Curious Comedy’s new musical improv show “Rhapsody!”, this weekend would be a great time to do it. Curious is holding its first annual fundraiser on Saturday night.

For just $35 (which is apparently tax-deductable) you get a ticket to the performance and a three-course dinner and a drink ticket. Whoa people, did you hear that? Three courses PLUS a drink? Nobody could call you a cheap date. If you have $15 extra to shell out, you can get a VIP ticket which also gets you reserved seating and admittance to a cocktail hour at 6:30 with members of the cast and a steamed guest (my hope would be asparagus). Slide over to the Curious website for more details, including the evening’s menu, and to buy tickets.

If you can’t afford this level of luxury, do consider going to see the show on some other night. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the show and its cast. Comedy, people! Comedy!

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2 thoughts on “Curious Comedy’s First Annual Fall Funnyraiser this Sat. 11/19!

  1. How was it? Need updates! :)

  2. It is undeniable that Hallal is sharp, irreverent and a bit nerdy, with great comedic range, but what sets this show apart are the moments of fragile sincerity embedded in the jokes.

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