Upcoming notable events for Sept. 19 – 25

I swim beneath the surface of the massive ocean of fantastic comedy shows in this town and I’m determined to bring everyone I know down with me. Join me in our underwater paradise where we can laugh and ponder and sit in uncomfortable chairs for a period of time ranging from one hour to “how many more fucking people are going up?” As always, please get in touch with me if you’ve got something coming up that you’d like me to post about. I not only welcome your suggestions with open arms, I will thank you and ask for more!

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I sat down to try to write a clickbait-style headline. You won’t believe what happens next

Comedy is art. Comedy is also science, math, gym class, lunchroom drama, and a long, lonely walk home to an empty house with some leftover macaroni in the refrigerator. Comedy (both the act of performing and the social scene around shows) is a microcosm of the rest of your life, and in this series of posts, I’m going use my neutral position as a mostly non-performing comedy enthusiast to attempt to discuss issues affecting our local comedy scene, and try to provide some explanation and education regarding potential solutions. (That is, hands down, the most Portlandy thing I’ve ever written. God damn.) Today’s topic: Too much comedy?

locals enjoy competition, ice skating (photo by Luke Maxwell)

When an individual decides to attempt Professional Comedy Maker as their hobby or career, they will likely encounter setbacks. Like all performing arts, the competition can be extremely fierce. You’ll write a great joke about your penis or someone else’s, and then when you go up to the open mic the person before you will have an even better joke about a different, more attractive penis. It happens all the time, and it’s completely out of your control! It’s frustrating, right? What about the time where you got your own show started – you convinced a venue to let you bring performers in for an hour a week, you hung up flyers, you told everyone who hasn’t yet deleted their Facebook accounts that your show was coming up – and then nobody came because there’s already 3 shows that happen every hour of every night of the week? How are you supposed to compete? Continue reading