Shane Torres is the best and we’ll miss him so goddamn much

Shane Torres is known for many things, including his hilarious jokes and his beautiful long hair, and pretty soon he will be known as yet another former Portland resident. Don’t miss your last chance to see him before he moves to New York City! (the place where they make all the salsa, if television has taught me correctly) Shane will be headlining a big blowout of a going-away show tomorrow night at the Bossanova Ballroom. The show starts at 9 and tickets are 15 dollars. This is a show that you will not want to miss for any reason!

3 microphones?? Who does this guy think he is?? (image stolen from the Portland Mercury)

The greatest open mic ever – tonight at Suki’s

Tonight (Tuesday, September 30th) is the return of the one and only Suki’s Open Mic! Signups are at 8:30 and the show begins at 9. AND WHAT A SHOW IT SHALL BE.



Suki’s is a very special place for many of the comics who are popular in our scene right now. If you have never been, please check it out tonight. Whitney Streed will be your host, and you can probably count on at least some of these people showing up: Dan Weber! Veronica Heath! Christian Ricketts! Jimmy Newstetter! Shawn Fleek! and of course, music from the one and only IRA NOVOS. Continue reading